Here you can see more work from our members:

Meeting once a month we support and encourage each other in our artwork leading to exhibitions which include paintings,collages,photographs,prints,poetry,drawings, textiles and cards.

  • We have an online gallery at Flickr:
    • Helen Goddard


      Born in Northampton, I read French and Linguisitics at Magdalen College Oxford before dropping out in the final term.I have since gained qualifications in Reflexology and Reiki, and have lived in Norwich for 20 years. As well as painting, drawing and printmaking, I have had poetry published.

      My work demonstrates a love of texture and combining different techniques, with the inclusion of found objects.

    • Mike Fincham


      I am an amateur photographer, it has interested me since youth. Due to illness, I only returned to it recently when I obtained a digital camera. I do it because it fascinates me and I am always on the look-out for a striking composition.


    • Hannah Ayres


      I studied general art and design when I left school going on to specialise in photography. I take an abstract approach to my work, capturing an image when I come across something that takes my interest. This year I have started making geometric necklaces. You can see some of what Hannah is up to at:Hannah's Website